Can cultures be managed within organisations


The working environment is one of a keys factor to be a successful business. Culture is an important component of business which have an impact on a direction of the organization. Culture is a set of traditional and value of a social, culture generates from social behavior. Therefore, culture in business defines a behavior of employees in an organization and another factor which can affect business. Culture in business includes belief and behaviors of people in a company which will influence working environments. Global business organization have a various nation of employees, the management team or Human resource have to manage human resource from a different culture to cooperate to reach company and employees goal.


Company background




Tesco is a UK-based retailer which is considering as one of the largest global supermarkets business. The Tesco company is one of the biggest British supermarket business and ranking as the third largest supermarket retailer in the world. Tesco was founded by Jack Cohen in 1919, the first stall was opened in the east of London and the first product sold by Jack Cohen is tea, the first store of Tesco was opened in the north of London. Nowadays, Tesco has operating retail store globally across European and Asia continent, the company operate around 3700 stores in the UK and around 6800 stores around the world (Statista, 2018). Tesco using multi-channel strategy to reach their customer, Customer can access to Tesco product via Tesco store and online store with has delivery service.  The company has hired around 440,000 staff, the staffs which are mixing nation and gender.


Company Culture





Tesco has set a core purpose and core value. The company core value is the simple mission which is Tesco want to be “the champion of customers by helping them to enjoy a better life quality and an easier way of living” (, 2018) The company wants to satisfy their customer satisfaction by serving them the best quality of product and services. Tesco has to train and motivates their employees to strive for their company mission. The core value of Tesco has classified into three categories:


  • Every little help makes a big difference

Tesco strives to make a positive contribution to their employee, customer, and community where they are operating. The company provides a reward for their employee’s hard work.


  • Understanding people

Tesco company has concerning their customer and employee’s needs. The company focuses on their customer satisfaction, Tesco using the data collection tool and to gather their customer need and want information to improve their product and service to reach their customer expectation. The priority concern of the Tesco company is their employees, the company listens to their employees need to develop their culture to employees need.


  • Treat people how they want to be treated


The company concern about their employee’s relationship. The trust and respect of other colleagues are a key factor in Tesco success. In Tesco company employees have to work in a team to support each other, they share knowledge and experiences to develop their potential and create the good working environment. Tesco’s employees are encouraged to work and learn from their colleague with respectful.


 Hofstede’s six culture dimension


  • Power distance

In the Tesco company, every employee’s voices are the first priority. There are no existing of individualism and inequality among employees in the company. An employee at the Tesco company can express their attitude toward any uncomfortable feeling among their colleague. The power distance index is low since every staff can show their attitude. The company listens to staff to reduce inequality among employees and increase employee relationship, which improves the working environment of the Tesco company.


  • Individual or Collectivism

Tesco is defined as collectivism due to employees have to work in a team. According to the core value of Tesco, employees have to work in a team and support their colleague to develop their potential. The company has encouraged their staff to learn from each other to deal with the task and enhance employee’s relationship.


  • Masculinity vs Femininity

Tesco company is focusing on the potential of employees, there is no dominance side of an employee in the company. Tesco wants to eliminate inequality in the company so they measured male and female colleague payment “pay received by male and female colleagues are equal.” ( 2018)


  • Long-term orientation

Tesco believes in long-term investment which will benefit the company in the future.


  • Indulgence

Tesco company have the high concern of social responsibility. The company strives to make a positive contribution to communities where they were operating. The company has a positive image among local customer.



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  1. Tesco is a great example to understand the organization culture, also the model is explained properly…good work…keep blogging😃


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